Scoliosis and Pilates is a perfect match. 

Client pick of the week, the incredibly inspirational and gorgeous…Natalie Milroy. Thank you for writing such incredible words and for being an inspiration to us all 

“I have heard of so many young girls having back ops. For me – this is a CRIME!! So if I can spread the word about what Pilates and commitment can do, then that’s fab!!

Pilates is my soul food; it actually makes me rather emotional. I have gone through times throughout my life when I actually haven’t been able to afford it but then I realize… I cannot afford not to.

Pilates CHANGED MY LIFE. without it, I was guaranteed a back fusion. I would have had to give up my greatest passion- drama- I would not have been able to participate in team sports, I would have lived with inflexibility for the rest of my life and as a little girl of 12 with a giant scar across both my back and my abdomen and the inability to move; can you imagine what that would have done to my confidence!! I owe a sense of freedom to Pilates and would encourage anyone with any skeletal problems to pursue Pilates (the lucky ones with no issues have no excuse!!)

I have been doing Pilates for almost seventeen years. My scoliosis was op-ready at 39 degrees in lumbar spine and 26 in thoracic spine. My L5 is irregular shaped, causing herniated discs throughout my spine. After doing Pilates EVERYDAY for the first ten years, my spine (a miracle according to the orthopods) went from 39 to 26 and 26 to 12!!!! 

While I still have daily pain and discomfort, Pilates has offered me the freedom to move; to use my body for physical expression and to alleviate a lot of the aches and pains that come with this silly deformity. I owe everything to Pilates (and my mother who refused to let me give up!!)”  


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Pilates Movement 

Pilates is full of wonderful moments between teacher and student, when the technicalities of a movement give way to open, integrated movement. The Pilates practice is a journey to self discovery, self love and understanding the physical body on a technical level like never before.

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The Evolution of Pilates Has Enjoyed a Fascinating Journey

Joseph Pilates claimed that in 10 sessions you will feel the difference; in 20 you will see the difference, but in 30 you will be well on your way to having a whole new body!

Pilates is a type of body conditioning created by Joseph Pilates in which the body is trained in an attentive fashion incorporating a series of exercises with the key focus on enhanced strength, stability and flexibility, incorporating specific exercises which are linked to breathing.

The main attraction is the specific conditioning and training of the core muscles.

The evolution of Pilates has come a long way from the original form of exercise and today it is becoming an increasingly popular form of exercise.

Values instilled by skilled Pilate’s coaches ensure that there is an increase in body awareness, plus it will improve and correct muscular imbalance and develop the core strength, all the while improving posture.

Traditionally, Pilates began in the field of rehabilitation during WW1, teaching wounded English soldiers to increase the range of motion by using springs from hospital beds.

These unsophisticated implements were the very first to be used in Pilates, and many of them are still used in today’s modern Pilates classes, such as the reformer, Cadillac, Wunda chair, spine corrector and ladder barrel.

It was not long thereafter that dancers were using Pilates to strengthen their muscles.

Traditional exercises are used in today’s classes using specialised Pilates equipment, although making your own body do the hard work is still the most commonly used “apparatus” – these exercises are referred to as Mat Pilates.

The evolution of Pilates programming is seen in the use of more modern training principles, equipment and exercise.