Why did I decide to Dance?

I asked myself the simple question, why did I actually decide to be a Dancer?
Millions of thoughts going through my mind, then I watched this choreography from one of my heroes and favorite choreographers David Bintley. I remembered feeling magic!
I was sitting in the theatre, I can see it now, the red velvet curtains, the excitement in the audience, the lights dimming and then, I watched the show that changed my life “Still Life at Penguin Cafe” and “Carmina Burana” that was me, sold for life!
The breathtaking performance by Leticia Muller… wow.
The music, the dance, the costumes and the love for stage.
This journey has lead me on a long path of hard work, dedication, commitment, perseverance and believe it pain but it lead me to My Pilates. My haven, my happy place and the space where all my beautifully talented instructors practice, we are privileged as we heal one body at a time. What a memory. I love this memory.
Can’t wait to experience so much more.
Thank you dance!
Thank you Pilates!
Very grateful indeed.
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