An Insight into the Pilates World of Linda Dent

An Insight into the Pilates World of Linda Dent
I’m so excited to begin! My aim is to share with you my knowledge,

experiences and insight into the way in which our bodies move.
Indulge yourself in the beauty of movement.   
Proudly I stand knowing the my Pilates dream has manifested into a reality. The beginning of this journey commenced at the ripe age of 5, as I tippy toed across the ballet studio. I spent 19years training in the art of dance; ballet, contemporary, jazz, African, Broadway, Spanish, and even attempted tap, coupled with Speech & Drama, this only fuelled my expression for movement. The discipline, commitment and down right hard work that was spent perfecting my art was never going to be long enough for me.
My shoulder had been giving me some trouble for a while and when I joined the Kelsey Middleton Academy of Dance Company, the pain increased as the work load and physical demands did. A sharp, shooting, stabbing pain was a constant struggle and the more I pushed the worse it got.
This is what lead me to Pilates, my introduction was simple, an instructor started dancing part-time with us and she opened my eyes to the glorious syllabus. “You should come for a session?” I’ll never forget the overwhelming feeling of “I’m so weak” that surged through every muscle in my body as I trained in the Body, Arts and Science International syllabus. Would I ever catch up? Peaking as a professional dancer, my physical body started collapsing, the truth behind this is you can train or dance as much as you like but without anatomical conditioning from a very young age, you will never survive an injury free career. It happened in my absolutely favourite performance: “On the Wings Of Sue” choreographed by a Frenchman; Redha.
My dance partner yanked at my right arm too early for a lift and this added to my already injured rotator cuff muscles. I severed my nerve, had severe tendinitis and bursitis, I Pulled my Biscep insertion and rotator cuffs. I was armless and once the adrenalin wore off, the pain was excruciating. I could not lift my arm to open my car door.
I pursued Pilates as it seemed to open a door for me into earning financially. I did a course through Equilibrium and began teaching part-time. It was a whole new world, learning a new syllabus was relatively easy compared to the anatomical information. How do you personalize a clients work-out, in dancing you did no matter what your postural type. “Climb into the reformer, what was it going to reform, squeeze a magic circle, magic? Draw your navel towards your spine… oh really?
“My part-time work fuelled a passion for teaching that I’d always had, as I successfully completed my fully comprehensice course with Pilates SA with Nicole Sinoff, my passion and understanding of teaching exploded and I just couldn’t get enough.
What amazed and intruiged me, was the diversity of the syllabus and the progression from beginners level to advanced. The proud moment arrived, when I opened up my very own Pilates studio.
Body Synergy Studio. The definition of Synergy: It comes from the Greek word, synergia meaning joint work and cooperative action. 

Synergy is when the result is greater than the sum of the parts. Synergy is created when things work in concert together to create an outcome that is in some way of more value then the total of what the individual inputs is. I literally had 2 mats, 2 pysio balls, some therabands, a gorgeous space, oh and me, myself and I. As my knowledge expanded so did my clients and my wings.

I placed my order through Balanced Body and over time have added a Cadillac, reformer, spine corrector, Exo chair and all the accessories one could possibly find.   
I love discovering which area of my clients body is tight, which muscles are weak, which muscles are strong but nothing compares to that special moment when you client pipes up and announces, “ do you remember how difficult this used to be for me, now look I’m doing this effortlessly!” 
I strive to give to my clients, so that when you leave my class you have learnt something about yourself. I take much pride in knowing that I am adding value to your life.