8 November 2012

Mentorship Program – An incredible 3 day expeirence with the legend Rael Isacowitz

What I’ve just completed: amazing!!!!!!!!!!! The Mentor Program is for the seasoned professional who wants to learn the highest levels of the Pilates system and hone […]
23 October 2012

Cardio 101 – The Facts About Cardio

When I started getting fit, the word ‘cardio’ evoked images of sweating, leotard-clad bodies jumping around to 80’s music.It also filled me with the fear of […]
23 October 2012

What Triggers your Babies Arrival

The countdown begins for your child to emerge, it is difficult to tell exactly at hat moment, it will happen. It’s quite scary to think that […]
29 September 2012

What are the benefits of using a Foam Roller?

Description: The Foam Roller is a long cylinder shaped piece of foam, they come in different sizes, a variety of different foam densities also exist, so if […]
12 September 2012

Pregalates: Pregnancy and Pilates

PREGALATES Pregnancy and Pilates Date: Friday @ 14H00 Cost: R100 per class Bookings essential as space is limited   Congratulations on your pregnancy. This is magical […]
24 July 2012

More About The Core

More About The Core One of the first questions a Pilates instructor normally asks is: “Can you tell me where your core is?” Most people will […]
24 July 2012

Moving Away From Stagnent Boring Repetative Routines

Moving Away From Stagnent Boring Repetative Routines At the moment, I’ve taken it upon myself to learn, study and apply the Tracy Anderson 30-Day Method. I […]
26 June 2012

The Skinny On Cardio: Why It’s Important?

The Skinny On Cardio: Why It’s Important? The first thing that normally pops into one’s head when you think of weight loss is ‘diet’.  And then […]
4 June 2012

5 Ways To Listen Better

5 Ways To Listen Better So…much later than I promised in the first article, I at last came round to writing the last part of the […]