3 November 2016
Take a deep long slow breath in, through your nose,imagine blowing up a balloon at the base of your spine. ? Pause for a moment and […]
2 November 2016

New Open Adult Ballet Class

I would like to welcome Yolandi Moreira (Olckers), with open arms as she joins our Pilates studio as our ballet teacher. It is an honour and a […]
24 October 2016

Burnout – The New Norm? | Sian Green Clinical Psychologist

Burnout – The New Norm? | Sian Green Clinical Psychologist Oh my shattered nerves! Yup, that’s pretty much how we are functioning these days. A lovely relationship […]
2 October 2016

What poor posture does to your spine?

One of the most important principles in Pilates is good posture. Good posture alleviates pressure on the spine and allows the ligaments, muscles and the skeleton […]
20 September 2016

Jacobson’s Progressive Muscle Relaxation Class at My Pilates, Dunkeld Branch

13 July 2016

Welcome our Nutritional therapist, Suskia Strafella

We are really excited to announce that we will be collaborating with our own Personal Nutritionist, Suskia Strafella. Integrating and connecting the mind, body and soul […]
12 July 2016

I had a dream… Pilates

This is where my dream began, in our Pretoria studio, with two mats,two balls and possibly two clients. I look back at those days and realized […]
28 June 2016

Pilates for the Whole Nine Months

  Pilates for pregnancy is not only for the first or last trimester – instead Pilates is great for the whole nine months. It is one […]
18 June 2016

My Pilates Blessings

What a spectacular sunset last night. The sky illuminated in pink, our instructor Ilse Marvin and client Linda must have know that pink was the order […]