11 July 2013

Running: The Exercise Paradox

 New Scientist article The exercise paradox Regular exercise confers huge health benefits and we evolved to be the best long-distance runners on the planet. So why […]
11 July 2013

Single-Leg Stretch

Single-Leg Stretch This exercise develops abdominal strength in stabilizing mode, holding the pelvis absolutely still as the legs perform the movement. The pumping actions of the […]
28 June 2013

The Core Machine: Gears Gotta Move

19 June 2013

Simple Meditation ~ Full Lesson

17 June 2013

Meditation beneficial to Genes

Meditation Position chanting Ommm Daily relaxation routines can result in beneficial long-term changes to genes involved in blood sugar control and other processes FEELING run-down? Try […]
24 May 2013

Desk Stretches

Many of you sit in front of your desk in a hunched position, 5 days a week for 8 hours a day. Slumping into your chair […]
22 May 2013

Cat Stretch

Don’t forget to warm up before your workout! TRY THIS: CAT STRETCH, from Rael Isacowitz Cat Stretch Setup: Get into a quadruped position with your hands […]
30 April 2013

An animated history of Jospeh Pilates

Such a fantastic animated movie on the history of Joseph Pilates and Clara Pilates
28 April 2013

New Pilates Arc at our Studio

Our Pilates Arc has arrived from Balanced Body I am really excited to have two Pilates Arcs in my studio. Our clients have loved using the […]