365 Conscious Days with My Pilates

Be. Create. Feel. Love. Speak. See. Know.

My shift into consciousness began as I entered this world as Linda Oliva Green. For as long as I can remember, I have always asked myself one specific question: “What is my purpose?”

It’s a big question to ask your Universe when you are 5 years old. So what is my purpose?

My purpose is to create a space where humans can move, feel, heal and connect to themselves which in essence is connecting to higher consciousness. I find myself drawn to this path and I know that my life follows a divine timing and that I am exactly where I am meant to be. This I understand now, to be my purpose.

I wanted to find a way to share my purpose and my practice with others and from this intention arose the idea of 365 Conscious days.

I experience my entire universe as energy therefore consciousness is energy. I am a seeker of truth and understanding. The universal energy moves me, it flows within me and fuels my passion in ways that I have never felt before. My life has been very unconventional, I have always had the ability to feel things deeply and see things differently, and this has inspired me to do things differently.

Committing to raising our consciousness has changed our lives, and when I say our, I am referring to the My Pilates instructors, as well as clients.

We speak a great deal about consciousness, but let’s take a moment to investigate what that word means. In my perception and understanding it is the state where we are physically, mentally and spiritually in alignment. A state of presence and awareness of both our internal and external worlds and the effects that the former has on the latter. Consciousness is connection, intention, integration, gratitude and presence. Consciousness is moving the spirit from sleep and oblivion into a place of wakeful realisation. Consciousness is where I want to live.

With every class that is taught, knowledge that is shared or energy that is given we are sharing consciousness. Setting an intention behind everything we do, our technique, our form, our practice and our breathing. We are moving this energy beyond our studio walls. The movement is energy and we want it to spread that far and wide.

My Pilates with Tamara Dey

My Pilates, Exo Chair Pregnancy Workout with our brand ambassador, Tamara Dey

✨Seated tricep dips: Your instructor will depress and hold the chairs pedal, while you reach your arms back and place your hands firmly on the pad. Draw your elbows back and towards each other and gently let the pedal rise. ✨Breathing: 

Inhale to prepare, exhale press the pedal down. ✨Benefits of the move: Strengthening tricep and stretching across the chest. ✨Why this exercise? 

During pregnancy you need to develop strong arms to make sure you can carry your baby around without over straining your neck or back. 

To make a booking call us on 0845805284 or mail us on book@mypilates.co.za ✨www.mypilates.co.za✨ 

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Scoliosis and Pilates is a perfect match. 

Client pick of the week, the incredibly inspirational and gorgeous…Natalie Milroy. Thank you for writing such incredible words and for being an inspiration to us all 

“I have heard of so many young girls having back ops. For me – this is a CRIME!! So if I can spread the word about what Pilates and commitment can do, then that’s fab!!

Pilates is my soul food; it actually makes me rather emotional. I have gone through times throughout my life when I actually haven’t been able to afford it but then I realize… I cannot afford not to.

Pilates CHANGED MY LIFE. without it, I was guaranteed a back fusion. I would have had to give up my greatest passion- drama- I would not have been able to participate in team sports, I would have lived with inflexibility for the rest of my life and as a little girl of 12 with a giant scar across both my back and my abdomen and the inability to move; can you imagine what that would have done to my confidence!! I owe a sense of freedom to Pilates and would encourage anyone with any skeletal problems to pursue Pilates (the lucky ones with no issues have no excuse!!)

I have been doing Pilates for almost seventeen years. My scoliosis was op-ready at 39 degrees in lumbar spine and 26 in thoracic spine. My L5 is irregular shaped, causing herniated discs throughout my spine. After doing Pilates EVERYDAY for the first ten years, my spine (a miracle according to the orthopods) went from 39 to 26 and 26 to 12!!!! 

While I still have daily pain and discomfort, Pilates has offered me the freedom to move; to use my body for physical expression and to alleviate a lot of the aches and pains that come with this silly deformity. I owe everything to Pilates (and my mother who refused to let me give up!!)”  


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Space, movement and suns 

“Space is not space between the earth and the sun to one who looks down from the windows of the Milky Way. We measure time according to the movement of countless suns” #kahlilgibran #quotes #pilates #movment

Free yourself

Free yourself from yourself. Remove the boxes that you have created around yourself, surrender the control so that what no longer serves you is released and be your true authentic self.💜freedom is not overrated💜www.mypilates.co.za 

Burnout – The New Norm? | Sian Green Clinical Psychologist

Burnout – The New Norm? | Sian Green Clinical Psychologist

Overworked burnout business man standing headless with smoke insOh my shattered nerves! Yup, that’s pretty much how we are functioning these days. A lovely relationship of we must do everything on the planet and when we don’t cope we blame ourselves, think poorly of ourselves and put ourselves down. I think even Chuck Norris would crumble under the pressure I see people putting themselves under. Burnout is real folks. It’s here and if we don’t take it by the horns, it is likely to stay and eat you alive. Burnout has become the new normal even though it sucks every last breath of our energy.


Burnout is a global phenomenon. If you do some Googling, it is quite striking to see how burnout is affecting the psychological and physical health of people around the world. I picked up the latest Natural Medicine Magazine (October 2016) and right there Dr Ela Manga (an integrative medical doctor) points out that “South Africa […] has been rated the second most stressed country in the world *after Nigeria”. This rating was out of 74 countries!

It’s so huge in SA, but do you know what burnout is?

BURNOUT – This is one confusing term as there is no clear definition. Burnout refers more to symptoms that emerge from stress and feeling (or being) overworked. In South Africa, the additional stressors in the environment (such as crime, political uncertainty, disruptions within systems and so forth) also increase our level of arousal at which we functioning and not the sexy kind of arousal, more the stress hormones—which, by the way, decreases sex drive.

Burnout leads to the inability to cope with daily demands in one’s environment from ongoing daily stress and exposure to such stress over time. I find the most adequate description being: depleted, drained and exhausted. It is the sense of not having energy or the want to get out of bed, feeling overly emotional for no apparent reason and having a general lack of motivation. With this, burnout is often accompanied by withdrawing from your normal social interactions because they are actually more tiring and irritating than enjoyable. The culmination of this is withdrawing deeper and deeper into isolation (be it consciously or not) and this cycle unfortunately contributes to greater escalation of unwanted psychological symptoms.

How does burnout develop?

When we live high pace, stressful lives our ‘baseline resting mode’ is elevated and relaxation becomes a long forgotten way of being, our mode of functioning becomes stress or rush. The more we go into this mode, the more difficult it is to find the pause button, to replenish our systems and refresh into a more natural, relaxed state.

We are strong and can cope (to a point)

We often have the resources to deal and cope (or at least try) with this rushed, high pace level of functioning. After some time, though, it starts dominating our existence, impacting our relationships and our performance in areas we used to excel. We also have disrupted sleep, low immune systems and so much more (see article – How Stress Affects The Body). So we carry on, probably really well for some time, and eventually without even being aware of it we enter survival mode and develop maladaptive patterns just to FREAKIN COPE (like increasing alcohol intake, smoking more or maybe starting to smoke, withdrawing from social interactions, and functioning on auto-pilot).

We cannot ignore this anymore

To be listed as the second most stressed country in the world is a big (and concerning) deal! Simply, we, as individuals and as societies (the collective – including families, friends groups and companies) need to find ways to re-establish health and happiness. With crime and so forth against us, it becomes even more of a priority! SELF CARE!!!!! It is not a privilege, it is vital and I believe should be worked into your life to keep you on track and feeling good about you. Of course, there will be dips – that is part of our existence! My question is are you trying to preserve you? You are the superstar of your life and the wheels don’t turn if you are not in tip top shape!

Feeling burnt out?

Heading towards the end of the year, burnout seems to be on the increase. If you are feeling burnt out, I recommend seeking assistance to restart the engines and then developing a sort of maintenance plan for yourself to maintain a space of being in the present (here-and-now)—as opposed to living in the future or the past, which is where the feeling of pressure, rush, chaos and ultimately stress boils from. This statement reminds me of a talk I attended earlier in the year with the theme tomorrow never comes. Essentially what was pointed out in this talk, was that often we try so hard to live in the tomorrow. Yes, of course, preparing and having direction for your tomorrow is important but to achieve that, you need to be present in the now. When the clock strikes midnight, the tomorrow you were desperately seeking is today. So if we are always stuck in today, let us try make today happen.

Written by Sian Green



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What poor posture does to your spine?

One of the most important principles in Pilates is good posture. Good posture alleviates pressure on the spine and allows the ligaments, muscles and the skeleton to function symmetrically and optimally. Proper functioning of the joints and muscles makes moving easier as it allows the correct group of muscles to work and does not overwork the compensatory muscle groups. Therefore moving requires less energy – easier, more efficient movement.

The spine bears the brunt of pressure placed on the body by gravity, loading (picking up weight), movement etc.  Compared to a neutral spine or neutral posture when standing, sitting raises the amount of pressure by 40%. Slouching while sitting raises it up to 90%. Bending forward with a rounded spine raises the pressure with a whopping 120%.

This increased pressure causes a lot of wear and tear on the discs and they lose their natural ability to cushion and act as shock absorbers.  The ligaments and muscles in the spine become overstretched from poor posture and the blood supply is interrupted. The overstretched muscles and ligaments become weak and locked and can eventually not hold the disc in alignment. The disc then gets squeezed out at the back of the spine. This is referred to as a bulging or herniated disc.  This in turn causes even more serious problems because it increases the pressure on the spinal cord as well as the nerves running in the spinal column.  Damage to the nerves cause pain and a smorgasbord of other problems in the arms, shoulders, neck and legs. It prevents proper stimulation from the brain to the nerve, causing difficulty in moving the related muscle and body part therefore affecting movement patterns. It badly affects the perception and sensations of pressure, pain, and temperature.

Below are some examples of the havoc that poor posture wreaks on your spine.

Pilates Posture

Pilates posturePilates Posture

So, for a healthy spine, become aware of your posture! Oh, and come to Pilates to improve it.

Happy spining!

Manet Badenhorst

My Pilates Instructor in Muckleneuk, Pretoria.

My Pilates Blessings

What a spectacular sunset last night. The sky illuminated in pink, our instructor Ilse Marvin and client Linda must have know that pink was the order of the day. Practicing Spine stretch forward using a foam roller as a modification and challenge for the exercise. I am feeling so blessed, thank you Universe for our blessings.


Positive Movement Experiences with Pilates

Pilates Classes Johannesburg

Physical therapists right across the globe are now recommending the use of Pilates as a form of rehabilitation.

It is time to choose Pilates classes in Johannesburg for a professional, positive experience. Pilates is especially beneficial for those individuals suffering from injuries; a brilliant way forward for injury rehabilitation in any form.

Pilates is one of the fastest-growing forms of exercise right across the globe, with millions having enjoyed the many fitness and health benefits of enhanced strength, stretch and suppleness.

Pilates is also fast gaining popularity in the world of rehabilitation from injury, where the main offender is usually muscle imbalance.

It is no secret that numerous injuries are the result of muscular imbalances in the human body due to a whole host of reasons such as:

We can experience muscle imbalances from the way we walk, bend or sit; even the way we work out, if these are done incorrectly.

The way we move tells a story all of its own – and because most of us move in ways that are incorrect and harmful to our bodies, these become areas where negative pressure is put on some muscles whilst others are weakened – the result being muscle imbalance.

Pilates is brilliant in the promotion of an even musculature throughout the human physique, which is done by strengthening the core.

Needless to say, the core is considered to be the “centre” of the human body and comprises deep abdominal muscles as well as the muscles that are closest to the spine.

Pilate’s focuses on spinal and pelvic alignment which is key to getting us to move the way we are meant to so that we don’t cause injury to the body.

Positive movement practice with Pilates classes in Johannesburg and Pretoria.

It is up to you take responsibility for your own rehabilitation – in other words, rehabilitation is far more than diligently attending Pilate’s classes.

With Pilates, patients learn where and why their bodies are injured and to identify the best sequence of movement for their individual needs.

With a positive movement practice Pilates classes in Johannesburg will facilitate recovery significantly. Choose Pilates classes in Johannesburg for a flexible form of rehab to assist with body alignment, correction of posture – all with the main goal working towards a pain-free existence.

Pilates Johannesburg my Pilates


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