Indulge yourself in the beauty of movement. Proudly to stand knowing the her Pilates dream has manifested into a reality.

365 Conscious Days with My Pilates

Be. Create. Feel. Love. Speak. See. Know.

My shift into consciousness began as I entered this world as Linda Oliva Green. For as long as I can remember, I have always asked myself one specific question: “What is my purpose?”

It’s a big question to ask your Universe when you are 5 years old. So what is my purpose?

My purpose is to create a space where humans can move, feel, heal and connect to themselves which in essence is connecting to higher consciousness. I find myself drawn to this path and I know that my life follows a divine timing and that I am exactly where I am meant to be. This I understand now, to be my purpose.

I wanted to find a way to share my purpose and my practice with others and from this intention arose the idea of 365 Conscious days.

I experience my entire universe as energy therefore consciousness is energy. I am a seeker of truth and understanding. The universal energy moves me, it flows within me and fuels my passion in ways that I have never felt before. My life has been very unconventional, I have always had the ability to feel things deeply and see things differently, and this has inspired me to do things differently.

Committing to raising our consciousness has changed our lives, and when I say our, I am referring to the My Pilates instructors, as well as clients.

We speak a great deal about consciousness, but let’s take a moment to investigate what that word means. In my perception and understanding it is the state where we are physically, mentally and spiritually in alignment. A state of presence and awareness of both our internal and external worlds and the effects that the former has on the latter. Consciousness is connection, intention, integration, gratitude and presence. Consciousness is moving the spirit from sleep and oblivion into a place of wakeful realisation. Consciousness is where I want to live.

With every class that is taught, knowledge that is shared or energy that is given we are sharing consciousness. Setting an intention behind everything we do, our technique, our form, our practice and our breathing. We are moving this energy beyond our studio walls. The movement is energy and we want it to spread that far and wide.

Opening your lateral lines

Opening up your lateral lines will help to free your lats, QL, obliques and spine. If you pregnant, have a rounded posture or sit for prolonged periods of time this is a perfect stretch for you.

How to do the stretch:

✨Sitting in a seated triangle as shown in the picture with Tamara Dey. Take a deep breath in and reach to the sky first, rather than reach to the side. We want length, not compression in our Lateral Line. ✨Exhale and release the arm to a T position.


I like to look down and bring my chin to my opposite shoulder to get length out of my neck. That little bit of rotation gets a lot of SCM in the stretch. This is also another thing that feels good to me.

You may like to look up (which would stretch more front-lateral area of the neck) or

Or simply look forward and lean your head to the side (pure lateral neck, more of a scalene stretch).

Try all of them as they are all great so long as they feel great!

My Pilates tips: take time to process the stretch, stretching should be done slowly, without rushing so that your neurological body can process the release.

🎼Play some music, breathe, enjoy and focus your mind and thoughts into the area where u feel the stretch.

🌙Stretching is a way to unbox the mind… move beyond your own limitations and release what no longer serves you.

My Pilates with Tamara Dey

My Pilates, Exo Chair Pregnancy Workout with our brand ambassador, Tamara Dey

✨Seated tricep dips: Your instructor will depress and hold the chairs pedal, while you reach your arms back and place your hands firmly on the pad. Draw your elbows back and towards each other and gently let the pedal rise. ✨Breathing: 

Inhale to prepare, exhale press the pedal down. ✨Benefits of the move: Strengthening tricep and stretching across the chest. ✨Why this exercise? 

During pregnancy you need to develop strong arms to make sure you can carry your baby around without over straining your neck or back. 

To make a booking call us on 0845805284 or mail us on ✨✨ 

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Scoliosis and Pilates is a perfect match. 

Client pick of the week, the incredibly inspirational and gorgeous…Natalie Milroy. Thank you for writing such incredible words and for being an inspiration to us all 

“I have heard of so many young girls having back ops. For me – this is a CRIME!! So if I can spread the word about what Pilates and commitment can do, then that’s fab!!

Pilates is my soul food; it actually makes me rather emotional. I have gone through times throughout my life when I actually haven’t been able to afford it but then I realize… I cannot afford not to.

Pilates CHANGED MY LIFE. without it, I was guaranteed a back fusion. I would have had to give up my greatest passion- drama- I would not have been able to participate in team sports, I would have lived with inflexibility for the rest of my life and as a little girl of 12 with a giant scar across both my back and my abdomen and the inability to move; can you imagine what that would have done to my confidence!! I owe a sense of freedom to Pilates and would encourage anyone with any skeletal problems to pursue Pilates (the lucky ones with no issues have no excuse!!)

I have been doing Pilates for almost seventeen years. My scoliosis was op-ready at 39 degrees in lumbar spine and 26 in thoracic spine. My L5 is irregular shaped, causing herniated discs throughout my spine. After doing Pilates EVERYDAY for the first ten years, my spine (a miracle according to the orthopods) went from 39 to 26 and 26 to 12!!!! 

While I still have daily pain and discomfort, Pilates has offered me the freedom to move; to use my body for physical expression and to alleviate a lot of the aches and pains that come with this silly deformity. I owe everything to Pilates (and my mother who refused to let me give up!!)”  


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Pilates Movement 

Pilates is full of wonderful moments between teacher and student, when the technicalities of a movement give way to open, integrated movement. The Pilates practice is a journey to self discovery, self love and understanding the physical body on a technical level like never before.

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With Mobile Pilates Classes – We Bring Pilates To You

We understand the need for employees to take time out and exercise – the problem is often time and accessibility. We have come up with a solution to exercise needs within the work environment, though. The solution? None other than mobile Pilates classes.

The best part of all is that no expensive equipment is necessary – all you need is an open space such as a boardroom, and setting aside an hour and a half once a week (or more) any day and any time that will fit into the work schedule of employees and bosses.

Participants need to bring along a mat, and all depending, bulk discounts can be offered on Pilates and Yoga mats or any other equipment used in the classes. The best part of all is that we are able to tailor packages for businesses so that enthusiasts are able to participate in our bespoke classes.

An initial meeting to do a needs analysis is the first step where the individual requirements of the business is mapped for us to offer our professional services.

The benefits of Pilates are numerous:

Employees will be able to manage stress better, all the while fashioning a culture of health and wellness.

With a staff complement of happy, healthy individuals, your business can expect less downtime and enhanced productivity with our state-of-the-art Pilates offerings.

The skeletal system is not meant to be desk bound and stationary for hours on end – mobile Pilate’s classes have been specifically created to educate and guide clients in becoming aware of the effects of posture and movement so that they can enjoy all-round flexibility and mental alertness.

Origin of the Word “Pilates”

Pilates – we’ve all heard of it and many of our friends and family are practising it but where does the word “Pilates” actually come from?

Pilates is the brainchild of Joseph Pilates who called this method of physical discipline “Contrology”. Originally from Germany, he immigrated to Britain and moved to America.

Joseph Pilates devised this new approach of exercise and body-conditioning in the early 20th century; he also incorporated the use of apparatus which is well-known as the Pilates reformer.

Today Pilates is practised worldwide in western countries, and as of 2005 there were in excess of 11 million devotees using this discipline on a regular basis as part of their exercise routine. There is definite proof that proves that Pilates assists with muscle conditioning in healthy individuals.

Joseph Pilates is in all probability the very first individual to combine Western and Eastern ideas regarding health and physical fitness.

He researched every type of exercise which ranged from the more classical Roman and Greek exercise regimes to gymnastics and body-building; he then placed this alongside practising the Eastern disciplines including tai chi, Zen meditation and yoga. Additionally, Pilates studied anatomy in-depth and the movement of animals, all the while recording these results.

Once Pilates returned to Britain after the war, he worked with pioneers of movement techniques such as Rudolph Laban who created the fundamental system of dance notation which is still in use today.

Pilates first called his technique “Contrology”, and only later did it become known by his name. Pilates viewed Pilates as a mental and physical conditioning in which individuals could work their bodies reaching their full potential.

Joseph Pilates viewed Pilates as a mental as well as physical conditioning regime.

My Pilates presents My Baby Barre class

My Baby Barre is here!
Yay! You’re pregnant or Woo hoo you’ve just had a baby or you’re a dad wanting to bond with the new addition to your family.

Amazing…. we love babies.

But then the panic sets in….

Nooooo what is going to happen to my body?

Can I exercise? What kind of exercise can I do and where do I do it?

Also how does this darn baby even work?

And what the ***** is happening / has happened to my body?!?!

If this is you My Pilates has your back! (your front, your sides and your baby)

After speaking to loads of our pregnant and new moms and  dads we have noticed that there is a massive demand for specialized exercise classes that you can do with other parents and moms to be.

Not only will these classes whip you back into shape but also to give you a chance to bond with other parents who are sharing in the same experience as you are.

Day: Mondays

Time: 9am -10am

To Bring: Baby carrier and pacifier e.g. dummy or bottle

Venue: My Pilates studio, corner Jan Smuts and Bompass Road, Dunkeld West Centre.


We are running a newbie special sign up in the month of July and pay R120 for your first 4 classes.

Pay R480 and Save R120.00

Bring a friend and receive a class for free.

My Baby Barre

A place for you and your baba to spend some time getting to know each other better while you get your behind back to where it used to be.

Hello June

Booty Barre Special. Join us every Tuesday and Friday at 9am -10am with the fabulous Jemma Oxford.
💕9 x classes for R1080.00
💕5 x classes for R750.00
Space limited to 8 ladies. or call us on 0845805284
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Tone and reshape 

It’s no news that Pilates is an amazing type of exercise, but what exactly are the benefits of this type of practice?Some forms of exercise may seem daunting if you’re unsure of your own physical capabilities, but Pilates really is something everyone can do. The classes are small and the teacher will always give you individual attention to assist you with any problems you may have. It is the most gentle, safe and effective way to exercise.

Tone and Reshape.

If you’ve done mat Pilates before, you’re likely to know what amazing core-strengthening work it is. Now add on the resistance of the reformer as well as the light weights and you got yourself a whole new artillery to tone up your body with! It is unquestionable that reformer Pilates is a way to – literally – reshape your body. You will never bulk up with Pilates- instead, you can expect that envious long, lean, graceful tone. “In 10 sessions, you feel better, 20 sessions you look better, 30 sessions you have a completely new body.”- that is a quote from the founder of the practice, Joseph Pilates. We can testify to the truth of this saying. Don’t believe us? Come and try our classes

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