22 October 2017

My Pilates with Tamara Dey

My Pilates, Exo Chair Pregnancy Workout with our brand ambassador, Tamara Dey ✨Seated tricep dips: Your instructor will depress and hold the chairs pedal, while you reach […]
27 August 2017

Scoliosis and Pilates is a perfect match. 

Client pick of the week, the incredibly inspirational and gorgeous…Natalie Milroy. Thank you for writing such incredible words and for being an inspiration to us all […]
22 August 2017

Pilates Movement 

Pilates is full of wonderful moments between teacher and student, when the technicalities of a movement give way to open, integrated movement. The Pilates practice is […]
2 October 2016

What poor posture does to your spine?

One of the most important principles in Pilates is good posture. Good posture alleviates pressure on the spine and allows the ligaments, muscles and the skeleton […]
17 June 2016

Back Extension with a view at My Pilates

Our instructor, Gisela Bean performing a beautiful Full Back extension on the Exo Chair with South Africa’s magical sunset as a perfect back drop. Strengthening your […]
23 May 2016

Positive Movement Experiences with Pilates

Physical therapists right across the globe are now recommending the use of Pilates as a form of rehabilitation. It is time to choose Pilates classes in […]
13 May 2016

Pilates Full Stop

“Pilates developed the body uniformly, corrects wrong posture, restores physical vitality, invigorates the mind and elevates the spirit” quote from Joseph Pilates #MyPilates ‪#‎pilates‬ ‪#‎body‬ ‪#‎restores‬ […]