O U R  C L A S S E S

P R I V A T E   C L A S S

  • Highly individual attention to maximize benefits achieved through Pilates, tailored to the  individuals needs 

  • R750 Drop in per class

  • Package of 10 = R 6900


D U E T   C L A S S

  • Our Semi-Private Pilates classes are structured for two clients at a time for an energising and beneficial
  • R380 Drop in per person 
  • Package of 10 = R3500

T y p e s  o f  P i l a t e s  R e f o r m e r  C l a s s e s ​


Join our Beginner Pilates

These classes focus on an introduction to the machine and the grounding PILATES principles. ​

Beginner Pilates

Join our Intermediate Pilates Class

This is an intermediate, fast-paced class that challenges the full body. This class is if you have been doing Pilates for 6 months or more and know the exercises well enough to transition between them.Intermediate PIlates


Join our Advanced Pilates

Join this class for strength based workouts, we combine yoga or dance movements fused together with the classical Pilates repertoire.

It is recommended that you try do intermediate before  joining an advance class.​​

Advanced Class

G R O U P  Y O G A L A T E S  C L A S S

A beautiful fusion of yoga and Pilates sequencing combining breath work and posture. 

A unique choreographed class curated by Linda Green, It\\\'s a brilliant way to strengthen in all your ranges of motion. 


Mat class drop in R220

Package of 10 = R1900

Space is limited so bookings essential.



O U R  V I D E O S







This place is fun and challenging and really convenient as you can go to different classes, rather than having to commit to a specific day and time. The teachers are really friendly and they all have their own style of teaching.


 Linda\\\'s workouts are so good! I love her