Combating Obesity

Obesity is the number one issue affecting health and well-being at the moment. The fight against obesity, starts in the home as a family. As parents, we need to walk a fine line between helping our kids get to a healthy weight while continuing to support their emotional needs. Here are some tips to make sure of a sensitive approach:

1.Talk to your kids about what is happening

Open communication is very important throughout the entire weight-loss (get-healthy!) process. Let your kids know that losing weight is not always easy and that you are they to support them.

2. Make sure they know your love is unconditional.

Remember the reason you are concerned with your child’s weight is for their health. That really needs to be communicated to your child.

3.Teach your children to like what they see in the mirror.

Focus on their great legs or strong arms. Remind them that their bodies have many wonderful attributes.

4. Help them lose their inner negative voice.

We all have that little voice in our heads telling us that everything we do is wrong: “You shouldn’t have eaten that…” “Why didn’t you go to the gym today?” This voice makes us feel worthless. When that voice arises, tell your kids to tell the voice to shut up!

5. Make use of this opportunity to bring the family together.

Studies have shown that a healthy family relationship improves our well-being.
Exercise together and Eat healthy meals at the same table.

6. Join a Pilates class and exercise.

Exercise releases endorphines which is the “feel good” hormone. Not only will you feel better, but as you continue to exercise you will feel more energetic, stronger and loose weight quicker.

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