Corporate Pilates Classes for the workplace

Our Pilates instructors are all qualified and have been trained to work within the corporate environment; furthermore they are all passionate about offering individuals the correct combination of training to ensure flexibility can be achieved by individuals with a varying level of fitness.

The benefits of corporate Pilates are numerous for both the company and the employee.

For the company Pilates will result in:

· Increased productivity leading to a faster response time and enhanced focus.
· There will be a lower employee absenteeism rate.
· Offering benefits such as Pilates will be an attractive draw-card for the type of employees the company would be proud to employ.
· Expect enhanced teamwork and bonding with colleagues (Pilates presents ideal team building opportunity).
· A lower staff turnover should be the norm, as increased job satisfaction will be enjoyed by those working for the company.
· Problem solving skills will be increased.
· Pilates is an inexpensive way to ensure your staff stay healthy and focused without the investment of expensive gym equipment and machines.
Furthermore, My Pilates offers a perfectly tailored Pilate’s programme to fit into the corporate’s individual needs and requirements.
What your employees will get out of his or her corporate Pilates programme:
· Better flexibility – this is especially advantageous for those that sit at their desks for hours on end.
· Improved overall health.
· Increased energy to get the work done.
· Enhanced self-esteem.

It is a known fact that during any form of exercise endorphins (the happy hormones) are released in the brain, thus reducing any form of depression or lethargy, leaving those that have exercised with an overall feel-good state of mind.