Desk Stretches

Many of you sit in front of your desk in a hunched position, 5 days a week for 8 hours a day. Slumping into your chair and curling over your laptops, is a stock standard position I see on a regular basis.

All my clients want to improve their postures but the reality is, our daily work lives don’t assist in this whatsoever. Poor posture leads to stiff necks, lower back pain and even nerve related pain which is sharp and shooting.

What can you do to make a difference to your day to day postural habits?

I have 3 top tips:
1. Elevate you laptop by placing a stack of magazines or books under the laptop, elevate it so that your screen is at eye level and not at chest height. This will prevent you from slouching over like a vulture and have you sitting up straight like an eagle.

Postural problems from a laptop
 Laptop at correct height

2. Sitting correctly in your chair is another big culprit. Your pelvis and your shoulders need to be directly over one another, many of you push your pelvis forward, under your desk and by the end of your day your entire body has joined your pelvis in this collapsing fashion. Or your lean backward into your chair, extending your necks forward. If you repeat this day after day, hour after hour you are going to be the next Hunch Back of Notra Dame.

Incorrect posture while sitting at a desk
Incorrect Posture while sitting at your desk

3. Stretch and move at your desk. Avoid staying still for these long periods of time. Don’t ever allow your job to take president over your health or your posture. Below are a series of 112 stretches that you can do at your desk to make a huge difference to your posture.

Desk Stretches
Top 12 stretches

You only have one body, look after it, love it and respect it.