Do you want to live a life of longevity?

Introducing Pilates into your routine and committing to the practice can have the most incredible effect, there is an exquisite moment of realisation that comes from living a life of longevity free of pain. 

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When you practice Pilates you commit to yourself and to sorting out your bodies issues (big or small) You commit to a life without pain, a life with improved mobility & strength. A life where you’re taught to breath deep and walk tall. Our clients range from 16-70 years old, and we never cease to be amazed at how the practice of Pilates can accommodate so many needs and change so many lives. We have seen clients go from living with pain to living pain free. Not being able to walk without pain or assistance to walking freely. It’s seriously amazing and rewarding work. We love Pilates (obviously) and invite you to join our team. Change your life! Join us on the corner of Jan Smuts and Bompass road, at the Dunkeld Shopping Centre #johannesburg #mypilates #Pilates #teaser #NewGoals #magicalplace #pilatestime  

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