Mentorship Program – An incredible 3 day expeirence with the legend Rael Isacowitz

What I’ve just completed: amazing!!!!!!!!!!!

The Mentor Program is for the seasoned professional who wants to learn the highest levels of the Pilates system and hone her/his teaching skills. It offers rare insight into an elevated zone that only those with advanced knowledge and years of practice can enter. Rael Isacowitz, with over 30 years of teaching and countless hours of practice and research under his belt, generously shares his knowledge and the BASI approach with professionals from all schools of practice. There are few people in the world who have explored and practiced the master-level work as Rael has. The course, which is restricted to knowledgeable and experienced professionals, is the first part of the Ultimate Pilates program.

With so much excitement and enthusiasm running through my body, I stand tall and proud having attended the Body Arts and Science International Mentorship program- taught by the legend and founder, Rael Isacowitz.

I have learnt so much, challenged and pushed my body and mind to an incredible space.

After executing Pilates for 3 solid days: I feel rejuvenated and re-energized and this is why



Pilates can be compared to martial arts, you earn your black belt through focusing and dedicating many hours to the karate syllabus- it is an honour not a given.

Pilates is very much the same and after practicing the syllabus for 8 years ,there is still so much more for me to perfect. I will always respect the syllabus and until you have perfected a movement with absolute precision through hard work, only then should you move forward.

Working with Rael is a highlight in my career. He is a man with grace and knowledge like an encyclopedia. He executes each and every single exercise with precision, focus and grace.
I aspire to become like him and he is my mentor.
After having completed this course, I feel I have moved into a new space as an instructor, the excitment to teach with double x-ray vision has escalated to an all time high, my knowledge and understanding of the syllabus is completely different and insightful, I wake up in the mornings and go to bed dreaming of the new work I have to perfect and after practising Pilates for 8 years there is so much more work for me to still do on my own body- how incredible.
 Pilates is not a pop in, pop out form of exercise- it is an art, it is a science and it is your body!