With Mobile Pilates Classes – We Bring Pilates To You

We understand the need for employees to take time out and exercise – the problem is often time and accessibility. We have come up with a solution to exercise needs within the work environment, though. The solution? None other than mobile Pilates classes.

The best part of all is that no expensive equipment is necessary – all you need is an open space such as a boardroom, and setting aside an hour and a half once a week (or more) any day and any time that will fit into the work schedule of employees and bosses.

Participants need to bring along a mat, and all depending, bulk discounts can be offered on Pilates and Yoga mats or any other equipment used in the classes. The best part of all is that we are able to tailor packages for businesses so that enthusiasts are able to participate in our bespoke classes.

An initial meeting to do a needs analysis is the first step where the individual requirements of the business is mapped for us to offer our professional services.

The benefits of Pilates are numerous:

Employees will be able to manage stress better, all the while fashioning a culture of health and wellness.

With a staff complement of happy, healthy individuals, your business can expect less downtime and enhanced productivity with our state-of-the-art Pilates offerings.

The skeletal system is not meant to be desk bound and stationary for hours on end – mobile Pilate’s classes have been specifically created to educate and guide clients in becoming aware of the effects of posture and movement so that they can enjoy all-round flexibility and mental alertness.