My Pilates Opens on the 11 January 2016

We open today after a lovely long rest. I am looking forward to 2016 and am so excited that this day has arrived.

Over the holidays I had time to reflect on My Pilates and I know the work we do as a team is phenomenal.  I’ve seen it now for 11 years at our Pretoria Studio and for 2 years now in Johannesburg. Each client that comes to our studios, feels the difference and I know that we are here on this beautiful planet to make a difference in each individual’s life.

The benefits of Pilates are felt just after ten sessions and when you become connected to your body you can feel when it is in a good space. Let’s take a look at these:

The 10 Benefits of Pilates

A refreshing mind body workout which emphasizes proper breathing, correct spinal and pelvic alignment as well as a focused concentration on smooth flowing movement. You will become a master of your own body.
*Pilates is a whole body fitness regime
*It is adaptable to all fitness levels and needs
*Focus on strengthening and lengthening muscles without creating bulk
*Increases flexibility
*Develops core strength
*Increased awareness of correct posture and alignment
*Restoring your body’s natural movement
*Rehabilitate injuries & prevent further injury
*Improve agility with age
*Excellent compliment to cross training disciplines
Pilates also provides many more specific benefits for differing populations including improvement to pelvic floor function, bone density improvement and lung capacity/breathing technique improvement among many others.
From strength to strength in so many ways, we looking forward to another fantastic year.
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My Pilates benfits

My PIlates Benefits