My Pilates welcomes our new instructor Ilse Marvin

My Pilates would like to welcome the beautiful Ilse Marvin to our team of instructors.

Ilse Marvin My Pilates Instructor

Ilse Marvin My Pilates Instructor

Movement is in my blood and this is what has lead me to Pilates. I practised athletics and swimming on a national level for ten years and entered the wonderful world of Pilates after finishing my studies and have not looked back.

I turned to Pilates after running to challenge my physical body in a whole new way, I just felt I was no longer mentally stimulated. The Pilates syllabus revealed how misaligned and out of sync my body really was and this journey opened my mind to my body’s awareness.

I started feeling inspired to share and encourage people to look after their physical wellness and as my body become stronger, I discovered that what I was experiencing other people where too. I had no abdominal strength and during my first pregnancy I was in a tremendous amount of pain due to hip misalignment caused from weakness.  I embarked on my teacher training course with Theo van Der Riet at BASI Pilates, during this time I realized that Pilates was changing my emotional state of being and bringing out the best in my personality. This was unexpected because I didn’t realize that Pilates could make you happy.

I remind myself constantly that I am so blessed to work in such a great industry, I am driven by the progress of my clients and pushing them to levels where they too feel inspired and that they can achieve all their mind and body goals through consistency.