My Very First Pilates Class – A Wonderful Release of Endorphins


Folks take note – I had my very first Pilates class last night. My – what a pleasant experience it was! Although I am used to doing Aqua Classes and other classes at my gym such as the Shape Classes and Zumba dance classes, the Pilates workout came as a rather pleasing experience. We are not permitted to attend gym, walk or exercise in a normal fashion during the lock down, so this has got us gym bunnies wanting for an outlet for our energies. 

Suffice to say – My Pilates Online classes arrived at the perfect time, offering a much-needed release after a long day working at the computer (yes – remotely it is in a world where technology is king).

Keeping the mind active and the body healthy in a time that none of us expected is a challenge at the very least. My Pilates has come up with a brilliant concept. Not only is this a way of releasing pent-up frustrations, but it keeps everything together physically, mentally and emotionally.

My very first Pilates class was therefore a pleasant surprise. Armed with a towel and carpet, cushions, phone (for music) and PC in the confines of my bedroom, I cannot pretend I was more than a little excited to see other attendees as eager and ready to get some exercise and a break from the monotony of being indoors.

I am not a chicken as I am in my 60’s and embarked on the classes with a little trepidation and a small amount of reservation. But I had nothing to worry about – nothing at all.

I was interested to learn from Sabrina all about the origins of Pilates. Her knowledge was a breath of fresh air, and her step by step instructions were concise, interesting, not over-taxing (luckily for the old bones), gentle yet sufficiently intense to have my muscles a little on the achy side; but all in all a really pleasing all-round experience.

I know that I will be continuing the Pilates as it is a pleasing balance between relaxation and stretching the right bits of my body. What I liked most of all was the winding down of the class – it is perhaps the most favourite part of my experience, plus the breathing during the exercises was something we all forget to do, and that is to breathe.

Gym will come back and so will my other classes, but the remote experience of Pilates online is something I would like to continue doing, particularly on those days when things get a little too busy to get into the car and drive to the gym. 

Remember folks – endorphins are released during exercise no matter what kind of exercise you choose to do. These are the happy bits that your brain releases and we can all do with a bit of happiness especially in an uncertain world where we are not sure where our lives are going and where our jobs and health will be in the next couple of weeks and months.

If something as pure and relaxing as Pilates can put you back in a happy space – well, then, everyone should be doing these online classes to get those endorphins released.

Written by Theresa Bennett

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