NEW … 30min Xpress Pilates Mat Class

We live these busy lives that are controlled by time. We find no time to exercise and therefore become weaker in our bodies, feel bad postural habits coming into play, we struggle to keep up with the demands of being on the go, and we are more stressed and therefor are not working at our optimum.
Our New 30minute Xpress Pilates Mat Class is designed specifically for:
·         Parents on the go
·         Business men and women
·         People who only have 30minutes to exercise
·         People who only have an hours lunch break
In 30min you will have the opportunity to target your entire body for top to bottom and still see and feel the benefits of Pilates.
Days:              Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays
Times:             12h30-13h00
Cost:              R50
Bookings essential