Pee Wee Classes are for the Young and Young at Heart

Pee Wee Classes are for the Young and Young at Heart

 I learnt something valuable in the past week when I took part in Linda’s Pee Wee Pilates Class. No – you don’t have to be pregnant or a little person to enjoy this gentle form of Pilates – it’s for everyone who loves a bit of gentle exercise, stretching and breathing.

I am not the most agile or the fittest of people, but I still enjoy a good stretch and some movement and breathing to release the muscles after sitting in front of my computer for a couple of hours. My body is not quite as flexible as it was when I was 20 or 30, as I am now in my early sixties, but this does not mean that I don’t enjoy a great workout, a long walk in the freshair, working out at the gym or taking a dance class.

The Pee Wee class is my new favourite class – it is gentle and relaxing, plus it is so much fun interacting with all the young, pregnant mothers and little ones. Milano was a great prop, too! He was a happy chap at the beginning of the class with supermom Sian interacting with her baby, but it wasn’t long before he let us all know he had enough of the jiggling and bouncing and wanted a nap.

Needless to say, it was a few minutes and he was snug in dreamland while mom Sian carried on without her “prop”.

It was a fun, light-hearted experience and the gentle stretching and exercises worked just the right bits. I know because the next day my lazy bits were a little on the achy side! Linda has a knack of making the moms feel comfortable and talks preggy moms through all the stages of movement within the body and explains in careful and patient detail how the human body adapts in preparation for birth.

I did antenatal classes when I had my children a good 30 years ago and wish that I had these fantastic Pilates classes to see me through my pregnancies.

Linda’s Pee Wee classes offer far more than exercise and breathing – you will get a lesson on the human body and how it works during the various movements. I can recommend this class to all mommies out there – either those expecting or those that already had their babies and mommies with toddlers.

And as for the golden oldies? This is perhaps the best Pilates experience for relaxation, breathing and stretching. I am pleased I tried it out and will do one again this week.

Thank you, Linda and bravo! You are a superstar Pilates teacher. Pee Wee classes – perfect for the young and young at heart. – Theresa Bennett