The My Pilates Instructors:

We are so proud to have these beautiful women in our space, sharing their knowledge, time and energy with you.

Linda Green

My dream has come true. I love business and I love Pilates, so this was a perfect merging of the two for me, the physical with the mental. I stand in my studio every day and marvel at the journey that has brought me to this place. I am humbled and eternally grateful for this opportunity.
Having danced ballet from the age of 5, my professional career began as a contemporary dancer and all my mind and body has ever known is movement. Pilates was the most natural bridging dance I would perform, giving me longevity in a career and two businesses, which are my pride and joy.
I began teaching at various Pilates studios in Gauteng over a period of 4 years and a Pilates Course through Pilates SA and Equilibrium in 2007. I then proudly opened my first own fully equipped studio in Pretoria in 2007 called Body Synergy Studio. I learnt as much as I possibly could and for 7 years I built experience in running a studio, being an instructor and building a space perfect for Pilates and in 2014, it happened. I opened up My Pilates in the Dunkeld West Centre in Johannesburg.
I am the happiest I have ever been. I have the best team of instructors working with me every day and not only do they continue to teach me, but they give me and their clients so much love. It’s the best.
“To be a teacher is to touch lives forever.”

Megan van Schoor

I have always been involved in movement.

From my early ballet classes to my extensive dance training and finally to contemporary dance, where it became more about the movement than the training. From exams to shows to festivals- we tried (as best we could) to keep our bodies in check. To further my love and fascination with the human body, I completed my degree in Physiotherapy at UCT in 2011.

Pilates was a natural progression from my movement background, joining both my medical and dance worlds but also bridging the gap between injury and exercise. I completed the mat and equipment courses at Pilates Unlimited in Pretoria in 2015 and 2017 respectively and look forward to completing my last equipment examinations this year. I am currently practicing at In-Balance Physiotherapy rooms in Craighall Park and find the combination of hands-on management and teaching extremely rewarding.

Pilates brings me such joy as I take charge of my health and happiness as well as spending valuable time with special friends, both old and new. I feel very privileged to work in such a happy space, often watching the sunrise and sunset at the breathtakingly beautiful My Pilates studio.

Amy Lombard

I want to live my life to my best ability and that is a gift that I want to share with each person that I am fortunate to work with. I have a complete passion for people, health and wellness. I have been a dancer and performer my whole life and therefore fitness and taking good care of my body has always been a priority and a great part of my movement journey. I fell in love with Pilates at the age of 18, experiencing first-hand the magnificent change that happened to my body, this is how my practice began. I am now a fully qualified Body Arts and Science International Pilates instructor.



My whole system changed as I discovered and practiced, I have now created a body that is physically strong, as well as muscles that are lengthened and toned. I am constantly learning and broadening my knowledge of the body, mind and spirit, imparting my years and years of moment knowledge to my clients with love, fun and encouragement. I want to facilitate happy and healthy bodies so that my clients can navigate through the world with confidence, self-love and appreciation. 

Allie Annandale

I am a firm believer in balance, passion and hard work. I believe these three things show up both in my teaching as well as my client’s sessions. One of my big passions is people and understanding how people tick and why they tick in their unique way. This curiosity led me to attaining my Bachelors in Psychology in 2016 at the University of Kansas. I’ve always had a love for wellbeing and since everything begins with the mind, I thought I’d start my journey there.

I started running at age 13 and soon began to regularly practice yoga. In my teens I discovered the benefits of weight training and how effective it can be with proper form. I continued a balance of these three forms of training throughout University, and then found Pilates. Through Pilates I found my body and mind functioning in a new way – I was stronger, taller, breathed more, controlled my movements, and felt more mindful and mentally tough. The principles and richness of Pilates transitioned from my mind to my body, creating a new relationship with myself. I now carry this relationship with me in and out of the studio as a certified BASI Comprehensive Pilates instructor in Johannesburg.

As an instructor I value helping people connect to themselves and their bodies. I like to bring balance, hard work and passion into the session giving people a space and time to be present, grow and give to themselves. I approach my practice with both knowledge and intuition, as they both have their own incredible superpowers. Each client is unique from their body to their mind and my desire is to understand each one to help clients learn, grow and strengthen through their Pilates practice.

Sabrina Pretorius

My passion is to help heal the body through correct movement patterning and physical therapy.

I specialise in working with all clients but love working with mature clients and children.

From a young age I have always known my work would be based around my passion, the human body and ways to help improve its state physically and mentally.

I have felt a calling to heal, so from a young age I started moving my body, I became very active, playing every sport I could and expressing myself artistically with contemporary dance. In 2010 I started studying reflexology, Swedish massage, anatomy and physiology. I continued to grow as I completed my personal training and exercise specialist diploma in 2012.

I am now a fully qualified Comprehensive Body, Arts and Science International Pilates instructor.

Having so much interest, continuous discovery and increased awareness in my own body I want to help others find that too through teaching Pilates.

My goal is to help my clients’ feels comfortable and relaxed to enable them to properly focus on their movement, connecting their minds to their bodies.

My aim is to have my clients leaving my classes feeling on top of the word and more at ease in their bodies.  I want you as the client to feel that you have had a great work out and that you’ve been given the knowledge that your individual body needs to correct your alignment and posture.

I believe you have to feel it to heal it.