Pilates is great for Guys

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Whether guys partake in individual matt classes in Johannesburg or whether they prefer sharing a class with other students, Pilates is useful and beneficial for both men and for women.

Before explaining this any further – bear in mind that Pilates was created by a Man and ever since, this has been the perfect training tool for serious athletes; both male and female!

Furthermore, for well over 50 years, men have made accomplished instructors and have been brilliant promoters of Pilates.

Although enjoyed by both males and females, the Pilates scene has been flooded by female participants and instructors in the immediate past – and with that, Pilates enjoys the misconception that it is a “female only” activity, which is certainly nowhere near the truth.

Pilates is one of the fastest-growing fitness trends in today’s modern world, with many males taking full advantage of the benefits that it has to offer.


Pilates offers complete-body fitness – here’s how:

  • Pilates does not neglect some parts of the body and over-develop others, as is the case with other types of exercise.
  • Pilates focuses on the core strength of the body, training the body as a united whole.
  • Pilates promotes strength and balanced muscle development – and it improves flexibility.
  • Pilates increases variety of movement of the joints of the body.
  • Attention is given to the core support as well as full-body fitness – this also addresses the mind and breathing.
  • Pilates is excellent for rehabilitation.
  • Furthermore, Pilates is popular amongst athletes as it builds a solid foundation for any type of movement.


So you are super-old or super-young – can you still manage to do Pilates?

Pilates is for everyone – yes everyone!

It makes little difference whether you are a sports superstar or a golden-oldie – or you might just be the average Joe who wants to do something special for your body.

Remember – Pilates has been created to strengthen the core, focuses on properly aligning the body and presents a perfect body/mind approach which is accessible to everyone.

Best of all – because there are literally thousands of workouts and modifications, Pilates can be tailored to suit your unique needs and requirements – there is no one size fits all.


Getting strong without bulking up is a brilliant way to build your body: 

If you are keen on long, lean muscles – Pilates is an excellent choice as the focus in not on building bulky muscles to charm to ladies – instead muscles are tones to work perfectly within the context of the body as an entirety.


Pilates is great for flexibility: 

Lengthening and stretching muscles will result in flexibility.

Pilates focuses on a safe increase in length and stretch of the muscles as well as the range of motion within the joints.

The reasons why Pilates is great for men is because exercises concentrate on core strength, flexibility, balance, uniform development as well as effective movement patterns, which are all trademarks of Pilates training and particularly applicable to the fitness of males.

Whether guys partake in individual matt classes in Johannesburg or prefer intimate classes with other devotees, Pilates is a brilliant option for anyone of any age at any level – both male and female.

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