Single-Leg Stretch

Single-Leg Stretch

This exercise develops abdominal strength in stabilizing mode, holding the pelvis absolutely still as the legs perform the movement. The pumping actions of the legs should accelerate the abdominal work.

How to do it:

Inhale: Lie on your back & draw the knees to a table top position with the knees over the hips and the shins parallel to the floor. Place both hands onto the left knee. Lift your chest off the floor into a chest lift, keep your spine imprinted into the mat.

Exhale: Straighten the right leg and place both hands on the side of the knee as shown in the picture.

Inhale: Simultaneously change the legs, keeping the feet on the same horizontal plane and the legs close to the centreline of the body.

Exhale: as you straighten the opposite leg transferring the hands to the bent knee.

Continue to do so for 10 repetitions.

Muscle focus: Abdominals

Objectives: Strengthen the abdominals and to develop pelvic stability in the lumbar region


single-leg stretch
Single-leg stretch