Slowing it down


It’s that time of the year again – you walk into any store or mall and a barrage of Christmas decorations, gifts and sweets assault your eyes.  There are less than 6 weeks left until Christmas.  Yes, you read that correctly. Cue horror music.

From here on, until 25 December, it is a madhouse of new clients, a revival of spirits in the existing clients (mainly in the bum, tum and arm areas), planning for year-end functions, attending year-end functions, planning Christmas parties, buying gifts, stressing about gifts, food shopping, planning for the next year…. And on and on it goes.  If thinking about that doesn’t give you a panic attack, please let me know whatever you are taking because I need some of that.

Other people probably have better ways of coping with this, but I normally just squeeze my eyes shut and pray it’ll all be over soon.  Much the same way I cope with rollercoasters.  Although this seems to work, it does have that added drawback of wishing your days over. This year it hit me pretty hard when I realised that I was preparing myself, yet again, to wish away two whole months of the year. I was shocked and appalled, because frankly, life is too short to wish any of it over. So I will aspire not to do that this year. (Whether or not I succeed, is another blog article.)  This year I will try to enjoy the holiday season, and try to slow it down so it becomes a positive experience.

So if you also suffer from end-of-the-year Loseyourminditis, I will share my practical steps for slowing life down.  Please sign the indemnity form, because I do not have any real experience in this and if you should get hurt, that’s all on you. Here goes.

  1. Prioritise – You are only one human being. You cannot do everything. Do what is important to you and what makes you happy.
  2. Keep perspective – (Probably) Nobody will die if you do not have the most perfect holiday season ever, or if you do not get around to seeing or pleasing everybody.
  3. Realise you cannot control everything – some things in life are just not up to you. Deal with it.
  4. Count your blessings – This is after all the time to appreciate what you have in your life. Counting your blessings also helps you to focus on what is important to you.
  5. Do not compare – No matter how hard you work, worry or frenzy, somebody else will always have a better holiday spot, nicer gifts, more clever ideas etc. So …
  6. Do what makes you happy (within reason) – Reason being, not overcharging your credit card so you have to pay off on it for two years. See point no.

I wish you all a wonderful holiday season and blessings for the new year. Take care of yourself