Stomach Bug Solutions

I was thinking about the stomach bug you have and strangely how you can get a stomach bug – every now and again. None of us picked up anything so the source has to be elsewhere – and so here are my thoughts
Stomach bugs
Stomach bugs
I did a bit of research and this is some of the things to look for:
1.      Open food in a fridge – the more days something is opened even in a fridge or frozen the more bacteria you get
2.      Dogs licking you – a major source of bacteria as dogs eat soil, and lick things and have apparently a 1000 more bacteria filters than we do
3.      Visitors in your home – they bring in other bacteria – so hand washing is key
4.      Children – like to bring bugs from everywhere and so be very careful, hands washing etc
5.      Water filter – change your filters and clean them often because they trap bacteria
6.      Dish cloth – soak them in Jik almost every day – this one surprised me a lot because apparently a huge bacteria source
7.      Wipe your door knobs especially when you have had visitors or been to someone else’s house
9.      Wipe off shopping cart handles – one of the no 1 culprets
Mr Stomach Bug
Treat Your Stomach Flu Symptoms
Sadly, there’s not a lot you can do for yourself once viral gastroenteritis sets in. Once the first visit to the toilet happens, you’re probably not going to be able to eat or drink anything at all for a few hours.
So just forget about that for now. If you feel up to it, you can suck on a piece of ice (it’s important to stay as hydrated as you can), but don’t try to put too much into your stomach, because it’s just going to head on back up soon anyway.
Here are some other things you can do, though, that don’t involve eating or drinking:
·         Take a cool bath with mustard. Mustard helps draw out impurities from your body and it increases circulation. If you have a fever, make sure your bath is on the cool side. Add 2 Tbsp mustard powder to 1/4 c. baking soda, and stir it in the bathwater. Relax as much as you possibly can.
·         Put a warm towel on your stomach. If your flu involves stomach cramps, one way to get them to chill out a bit is to warm your stomach muscles up. I wouldn’t recommend this if you’re running a high fever, but it’s one way to keep yourself from doubling over in pain every few minutes.
·         And then put a cool peppermint washcloth on your head. You could skip the peppermint and just use a cool washcloth to help lessen a fever and headache, but if you add peppermint to the mix, you’ll get extra headache-fighting powers and relief from nausea. Either soak the washcloth in peppermint tea (and put it in the freezer until it’s cold), or put two or three drops of peppermint essential oil on the washcloth after wetting it down with cool water.
·         Have someone special rub your feet. One tried-and-true home remedy for nausea is a good old-fashioned foot rub. Have your lovey grab some shea or cocoa butter and go to town on your footsies. It may keep you from lurching to the bathroom so often.
·         Pinch away your headache. Take your first finger and thumb and pinch (as hard as you can) the very sensitive webbing between your other first finger and thumb. This simple acupuncture-type treatment might help lessen the headache pain significantly.
·         Sleep as much as humanly possible, and stop worrying about your life. This was the hardest thing for me the last couple of days. When I wasn’t sleeping, I was worrying about what I wasn’t getting done. It didn’t help me get better any faster, and–surprise–the world didn’t fall apart during my down time.
Ok there we go – now you know
Written by Chris Green
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