Welcome our Nutritional therapist, Suskia Strafella

We are really excited to announce that we will be collaborating with our own Personal Nutritionist, Suskia Strafella. Integrating and connecting the mind, body and soul one step at a time. Welcome to the team Suskia.

Suskia Strafella

Natural Health + Healing Mission:

We live in a high performance, very fast paced society where it seems the norm to eat convenient and processed foods, it seems we don’t have the time to cook and take care of our bodies anymore, or do we? Through my extensive research on why people eat the way they do, I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s more about not knowing WHAT to eat, WHEN to eat and HOW MUCH to feed our bodies. Natural Health + Healing’s mission is to guide you into truly connecting to your body through eating the foods that are given to us by Mother Nature to heal and protect our bodies from illness, discomfort and the pressure that comes with a fast paced life. It IS still possible for us to be on the run AND take care of our bodies.

My vision is to create a community of conscious eaters. Let us be aware of what we are eating and WHY.

How can I help you?

With qualifications in both Personal Nutrition and Nutritional Therapy and ongoing studies in Natural Medicine and Healing (Naturopathy), I am now practicing as a Nutritional Therapist and design programs for each individual based on their current wellbeing which I gather from extensive assessing and analysing. I live by my words and practice absolutely everything I preach. I’ve lived through my very own experiences of being extremely ill and having a terrible and unsafe relationship with food. This all led me to healing my own body with natural techniques and remedies and through this, connecting my body to both my mind and soul.

What do I focus on?

My programmes are designed to help YOU mentally, emotionally, spiritually and of course physically reach a point where you can say that you truly have a healthy relationship with food and yourself. In saying that, I focus on a range of goals: Cleanses and detoxes, gut + digestive health, weight loss, weight gain + muscle toning, stress management + cortisol monitoring, alkalizing the body, cholesterol monitoring, children’s nutrition and nutrient deficiencies. If there is something else that you are looking for, please let me know and we could possibly work on that too as I try to be as dynamic as possible and will change my approach to fit in with YOU.

My services:

I design healthy lifestyle eating plans for each individual OR I have generic programs designed for specific goals such as balancing the body or cleanses / detoxes. All programs include online coaching and consistent guidance which means regular consultations and monitoring.

Another wonderful option for even further convenience is to sign up with my Organic Kitchen where I and kitchen Salad have partnered up to bring you the very best healthy meals delivered right to your door step. For more information on Health Meal Deliveries, kindly email me directly with your request for menus, pricing and further information on deliveries.

Consultations: For more information on booking consultations, kindly contact Linda at My Pilates, Dunkeld West studio at the Dunkeld West shopping centre. All consultations run for 30 minutes at a time. l

Mail us on: book@mypilates.co.za

Programs designed are focused on each individual’s needs, but a few examples are below:

– Vegans

– Vegetarians

– Fitness athletes

– Cleanse / detox programs

– Weight loss / weight gain

– Alkalising and fluid balance

– Children

– Healing nutrient deficiencies

*All programs are designed based on pre-assessments given to client during the first consultation. In these assessments, nutrient deficiencies are tracked and worked out amongst other issues and goals wanting to be achieved. Nutrient deficiencies are usually the root cause of weight problems, uncontrollable cravings, hormone imbalances and many other imbalances in the human body and mind.

Contact information:

To book consultations with Nutritional Therapist, Suskia:

Please contact Linda on 084 580 5284


Nutritionist at My Pilates