13 July 2024
Give this classic Pilates exercise a try, a chest lift strengthens the abdominal muscles and help develop pelvic stability. This exercise is excellent for strengthen your […]
10 March 2017

Do you want to live a life of longevity?

Introducing Pilates into your routine and committing to the practice can have the most incredible effect, there is an exquisite moment of realisation that comes from […]
20 January 2017

Why Practice Pilates

We practice #Pilates to focus into our physical bodies, calm our minds and challenge our bodies as a whole. Our bodies are designed to move and […]
7 January 2017

Let the magic begin 2017

My Pilates fully equipped studio at the #dunkeldwestcentre #johannesburg is opening on Monday the 9th January. ? Start your New Years resolutions as soon as you […]
24 November 2016

Free yourself

Free yourself from yourself. Remove the boxes that you have created around yourself, surrender the control so that what no longer serves you is released and […]
3 November 2016
Take a deep long slow breath in, through your nose,imagine blowing up a balloon at the base of your spine. ? Pause for a moment and […]
17 June 2016

Back Extension with a view at My Pilates

Our instructor, Gisela Bean performing a beautiful Full Back extension on the Exo Chair with South Africa’s magical sunset as a perfect back drop. Strengthening your […]