Testimonial by Bruna Green-thank you

My story and my climb in Pilates
Bruna Green
I was born in 1952 in a beautiful Medieval Village in Italy and I’m grateful to my parents that they decided to immigrate to South Africa cause if we had stayed in Italy, I doubt my life would have been enriched with Pilates.
When I was in my twenties I had my first child, I found a part time job and Jane Fonda became MY exercise guru , I proudly bought her record and my exercise regime started, every morning I would get up and before going to work I would exercise to her energetic voice and music and that is where my climb to exercising started.
That went on for at least 4 years and when I had my second child, I decided that I needed to move on and went to Yoga, a lovely teacher, a full class and very little attention was given to correcting the body so I swung my legs and arms in all sorts of directions but carried on loving my class and loving the meditation.
From there, the gyms became big fashion and I would attend their group exercise programmes, chat with all my friends while doing, stepping classes, sweat classes, dance classes, cycling and rowing programmes and after the workout, my friends and I would have energy drinks at the Health Bar buy the latest gym clothes and get ready for the next morning’s fashion parade. I was never looked at or corrected by any gym instructor, we were at least 40 people in a class.
Once that phase of my life was over, I decided that I needed to walk and that walking was good for me, so I challenged myself to walking up and down the hills and streets of Muckleneuk and Groenkloof in Pretoria and I also joined Walk for Life, enjoyed this form of exercise for many years.
At the age of 50 I decided that I’d had enough of exercising and stopped completely for 6 years, silly me but maybe just as well, because by that time I had been exercising incorrectly for 30 years, my back was always sore, my neck was aching and I was generally in bad shape, physically and mentally I needed a new challenge.
Because of my Daughter’s career path I was inspired to start doing Pilates under her tutelage and under her guidance and love and professionalism.
Pilates is in my Life and my World and body changed
My first year at Body synergy was a year of muscle growth and a year of realisation that for 40 years I had been training my body incorrectly, my core muscles had been sleeping and the few muscles that were working, were working incorrectly.
Core, lats, neck, arms, core, core, lats, lats…. New vocab in my life
I have become a new Me, I can (after 4 years) finally connect with my core, I can do a Pilates push up, I can finally work with my lats and I am aware of my muscles all the time, when I read, when I stand, I keep connecting.
My body has changed, my bone density tests have come back with excellent results.
My floor muscles have strengthened to the point that they don’t need to be repaired.
I feel strong and I’m looking forward to getting stronger, Pilates is definitely in my life to stay.
Like minded ladies that I have met in my Pilates classes, Libbie, Tessa, Lindie, thank you for being my partners and for loving Pilates @ Body Synergy as much as I do.
I owe my strong healthy body to the Pilates Team @ Body Synergy who does so much for so many and to my beautiful daughter Linda, who is my inspiration my coach and my mentor.
Bruna Green