Pilates for Kids at My Pilates

Kids aged as follows:


3-3:30pm: 11 -13 years

3:30- 4pm: 13 – 16 years


3-3:30pm: 5 -7 years

3:30- 4pm: 8 – 10 years

R80 per class

Kiddies Pilates focuses on posture and core strengthening as well as co-ordination and balance, making it the perfect foundation for all their extra-curricular activities.

Healthy Spines, Happy Kids!

We are offering kids the opportunity to engage with their bodies and their minds. Pilates will give them the tools to cope with the pressure of their weekly schedules, teach them excellent posture and make them excel in all areas of their lives. 

Pilates for kids gives them the extra confidence that they need to understand their bodies from a young age and teaches them how to connect to all the different parts enabling them to release tension in their bodies.

Pilates for kids has a wider range of benefits ranging from improving physical activity, sport, co-ordination, range, core strength to becoming more aware of their body and respecting their bodies as well as their peers.

Pilates for kids increases their flexibility and strength as well as their balance and posture.

Teaching our children the future generation about Pilates helps them to attain focus and concentration from a young age, learning how to breathe correctly enabling them to relax and gain correct control over their bodies indoors and outdoors.

Prevent future injuries by starting Pilates at a young age.

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5 Powerful benefits of Celery Juice

Celery is going to become your new go to juice this January, let me tell you why?

It’s highly nutritious and has unique regenerating properties to help heal your liver which you need after the holiday season.

Let’s go… Celery does the following:

  1. Heals the gut
  2. Strengthen bones
  3. Purifies your blood stream
  4. Highly detoxifying
  5. Anti-inflammatory


In a nutshell… celery is an alkaline food. It helps to get rid of acid, toxins and cleanse the liver and bloodstream like no other.

It gives you the feeling of post-meditation bliss and an internal “ahhhh.”

  1. Gut

Celery contains special nutrients in its fibers which are realized when the vegetable is juiced.

A compound called apigenin will help with stomach inflammation.

2. Strong Bones

Celery is very high in calcium and silicon which helps to regenerate and strengthen damaged bones.

It is high in Vitamin K which plays an important role in bone metabolism and protection against osteoporosis.

3. Purifies the blood stream

Celery contains a particular compound called coumarins which promotes the activity of white blood cells and assists the vascular system.

This helps the blood flow, reduces blood pressure and purifies the bloodstream

4. Highly detoxifying

This green stalk wander is hydrating and makes the body alkaline, making it effective for balancing the body’s pH level and neutralizing any acidity in the body. This, in turn, helps protect healthy cells and balance essential mineral levels, lowering the risk of heart disease, protecting bone density, reducing inflammation, boosting the immune system, and helping to maintain a healthy weight.

5. Anti-inflammatory

Two special compounds in celery, polyacetylene and luteolin, make celery an anti-inflammatory powerhouse

NOTE: Celery is on the dirty dozen list, so we highly recommend you buy organic celery

Shops that sell organic food that I recommend in Johannesburg: