My Pilates with Tamara Dey

My Pilates, Exo Chair Pregnancy Workout with our brand ambassador, Tamara Dey

✨Seated tricep dips: Your instructor will depress and hold the chairs pedal, while you reach your arms back and place your hands firmly on the pad. Draw your elbows back and towards each other and gently let the pedal rise. ✨Breathing: 

Inhale to prepare, exhale press the pedal down. ✨Benefits of the move: Strengthening tricep and stretching across the chest. ✨Why this exercise? 

During pregnancy you need to develop strong arms to make sure you can carry your baby around without over straining your neck or back. 

To make a booking call us on 0845805284 or mail us on ✨✨ 

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Thank you for our beautiful photos @rubinstamatic and @nicolevanh

Tamara Dey is pregnant & our new brand ambassador!

We are super excited to announce that we’ll be looking after Tamara Dey and her baby bump! @TamaraDey Congratulations on your growing bean – we can’t wait to see you in our #MyPilatesBabyBarre and #MyPilatesBootyBarre classes!We want to welcome you as our incredible brand ambassador, it is an honour and a pleasure to have you with us. 

Thanks for the pics @nicolevanh & @rubinstamatic | @orlioh & @carltonhairsa for Tam’s hair and makeup and @wolford_johannesburg for the incredible bodysuits.

Also big shout out to my #seo team for all the incredible work they do for our studio on a month to month basis. 

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How to grow an Avocado Tree & Save

Highly flavored and nutritious, avocados signal a healthy diet, whether we’re talking about guacamole or salad. If you like not having to make regular trips to the grocery for your daily supply of fresh avocados, try growing an avocado tree at home. It’s surprisingly easy. In 10 easy steps, you will see how you too can get a full-grown avocado tree from a little seed, making the whole process very educational and easy to remember.

🥑STEP 1: Without cutting the pit from the avocado, remove and wash clean of all the avocado fruit. You must make sure you don’t remove the brown skin from the pit! 

🥑 STEP 2: All avocado pits, despite not being perfect round shapes, have a top and bottom side. From the ‘bottom’, the future roots will grow, as for the ‘top’ the sprout will do the same. You can find which is which by looking after the slightly pointier end. When you noticed that, you found the top. In opposition, the bottom will have a flat end. It’s important to place the bottom in water, so the roots will begin to gently grow. 

🥑 STEP 3: Next, stick 4 toothpicks into the top side of the avocado seed. Make sure the injections are made pointing down at a slight downward angle and are spaced evenly around the circumference. Wedge the toothpicks strongly because they will allow you to place your avocado base in the water but still have the fruit hanging over a glass. 

🥑 STEP 4: Place the glass with the half-submerged avocado in a place with sunlight. Use a clear glass for this operation, so you can observe when the roots start to grow. It’s useful for warnings of mold, bacteria and fungus growth, so you can change the water when it’s needed. You can do the latter regularly every day, as many professionals recommend, but it’s better to change the water every 5-7 days. 

🥑STEP 5: Sprouting can take as long as 8 weeks, although many websites suggest only 2-4 weeks. The best advice is to be patient. And pay attention so the seed goes to the necessary stages of sprouting: the outer brown seed skin will slough off as the top of the avocado pit will dry out and form a crack; the crack will extend and to the bottom side of this, a tiny taproot will begin to emerge; this will grow longer and longer until a small sprout will peek through the top of the avocado pit. Don’t forget to maintain the taproot submerged, because not doing so will be synonymous to the death of your plant. 

🥑 STEP 6: There are a few tricks when it comes to planting the newly born sprouts. When the stem reaches 183 in length, cut about 100cm off it, as this will make the new part grow faster. Cut and put it in a rich humus soil pot, when it has reached 183cm again, plant your tree in a medium pot. Before placing in a sunny area, make sure that you leave the top half of the seed exposed. 

🥑 STEP 7: In this stage of planting your own avocado, you need to know two things about its relationship with water: the soil should always be moist. If you start to see yellow leaves, it’s a sign you exaggerated and over-watered it. No need to panic though. Let the plant some time to absorb the water and continue after it has dried. 

🥑STEP 8: Encourage the plant to grow larger, by pinching out the top two sets of leaves. Do this when the stem has reached about 380cm in height. Repeat the method when another 138cm have grown additionally on the plant.

🥑STEP 9: If you happen to come across some nasty bugs, like aphids, you will need to wash them off the avocado. You can do this by showering or gently hosing down your plant. When there are no more pests on it, spray the avocado tree with a solution of water mixed with a few drops of dishwashing liquid and one teaspoon of neem oil. Check in 4-5 days to see if it’s clean. If not, repeat the process until it is. 

🥑STEP 10: In the autumn or winter, if it gets cooler than 45 degrees F, you must bring the baby avocado tree indoor, so it won’t freeze to death. And there you have it. All you need to know about how to plant your own avocado tree from a seed. After a couple or so years, the tree will begin to give fruit. On some occasions, some trees take about 15 years to bear fruit, and some never do at all. Even if your commercial avocado – seed you used to plant the tree – is one of the tasteful fruit on Earth, don’t expect that yours should be the same. 

Naturally grown avocado are different. You can grow several avocado trees together to aid with pollination and ensure your fruits are good as well. 
Enjoy 🥑

Embarking On Pilates Courses Will Render Good Results

Embarking on an exercise regime takes time, effort and dedication, but if you are bent on being in peak form and living a healthful, long life, then think about investing in your body and health long-term, and not in the short-term. In other words, any exercise programme won’t show results right away, but being consistent and committed will reap many rewards.

A series of well-thought-out Pilate’s exercises and taking part in one of our bespoke Pilate’s courses will ensure you reap the benefits in the long haul. Seeing immediate results is not being realistic, but in the long-term and after participating in Pilates classes whether it is a series of ten, 20 or 30 classes, you will start seeing the results of your hard work, although the secret is to keep up any exercise programme and ensure it becomes an ongoing practice and part of your world. Keep this up and you will never look back.

Employers are also investing in the health and well-being of their employees. By bringing Mobile Pilates into the workplace, stress levels are being reduced and the overall result is a happier, healthier work environment where staff can take an hour or two during work hours to shut off the pressures and worries of the work environment.

Mobile Pilates courses are convenient and best of all, it is brought to you, ensuring a holistic and healthy mind-set is enjoyed all.

Bespoke Pilate’s classes and Pilates courses will create a healthy culture in both individuals and businesses alike.

My Pilates presents My Baby Barre class

My Baby Barre is here!
Yay! You’re pregnant or Woo hoo you’ve just had a baby or you’re a dad wanting to bond with the new addition to your family.

Amazing…. we love babies.

But then the panic sets in….

Nooooo what is going to happen to my body?

Can I exercise? What kind of exercise can I do and where do I do it?

Also how does this darn baby even work?

And what the ***** is happening / has happened to my body?!?!

If this is you My Pilates has your back! (your front, your sides and your baby)

After speaking to loads of our pregnant and new moms and  dads we have noticed that there is a massive demand for specialized exercise classes that you can do with other parents and moms to be.

Not only will these classes whip you back into shape but also to give you a chance to bond with other parents who are sharing in the same experience as you are.

Day: Mondays

Time: 9am -10am

To Bring: Baby carrier and pacifier e.g. dummy or bottle

Venue: My Pilates studio, corner Jan Smuts and Bompass Road, Dunkeld West Centre.


We are running a newbie special sign up in the month of July and pay R120 for your first 4 classes.

Pay R480 and Save R120.00

Bring a friend and receive a class for free.

My Baby Barre

A place for you and your baba to spend some time getting to know each other better while you get your behind back to where it used to be.

Do you want to live a life of longevity?

Introducing Pilates into your routine and committing to the practice can have the most incredible effect, there is an exquisite moment of realisation that comes from living a life of longevity free of pain. 

Teaser My Pilates
When you practice Pilates you commit to yourself and to sorting out your bodies issues (big or small) You commit to a life without pain, a life with improved mobility & strength. A life where you’re taught to breath deep and walk tall. Our clients range from 16-70 years old, and we never cease to be amazed at how the practice of Pilates can accommodate so many needs and change so many lives. We have seen clients go from living with pain to living pain free. Not being able to walk without pain or assistance to walking freely. It’s seriously amazing and rewarding work. We love Pilates (obviously) and invite you to join our team. Change your life! Join us on the corner of Jan Smuts and Bompass road, at the Dunkeld Shopping Centre #johannesburg #mypilates #Pilates #teaser #NewGoals #magicalplace #pilatestime  

Studio living at My Pilates Johannesburg

Why Practice Pilates

We practice #Pilates to focus into our physical bodies, calm our minds and challenge our bodies as a whole. Our bodies are designed to move and the biggest problem that we face is A sedentary lifestyle. Come strengthen your #core, reconnect with your posture & release the tightness in your joints. Challenge yourself and commit to a lifestyle that makes a difference.

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New and exciting times for My Pilates, Dunkeld West Studio

2016 has been wonderful year, filled with incredible growth and new beginnings.

Thank you so much to all our incredible clients, that have come to support us in 2016. You have made our growth possible and with your support we are able to facilitate this growth and continue our upwards spiral.  From the bottom of our hearts, thank you so much for being apart of our journey.

We have amazing things install for you at our studio in Dunkeld next year.

Have a beautiful holiday season.


2017 My Pilates Mobile employment 

Free yourself

Free yourself from yourself. Remove the boxes that you have created around yourself, surrender the control so that what no longer serves you is released and be your true authentic self.💜freedom is not overrated💜